Workplace 2020

Dr. V.P. Singh

‘It is the business of the future to be dangerous’ said Alfred North Whitehead, the celebrated mathematician and philosopher nearly a century back. In a world where change is ceaseless, where everything around us is destined to change; change is inevitable. Therefore, people, technology and ideas will become dinosaurs unless change is embraced.

One can say with conviction that Workplace 2020 will be different, yet not different. There will be lot of innovation around work technology platforms; yet people, who are already in workforce, will change, painfully. Most of us, if we remain active in labor market of 2020 will resist change, a reality we may not accept, willingly. Though, new members in workforce will bring fresh perspectives and mindset; leading & managing workforce will continue to be a challenge.

It is difficult to crystal ball gazing, yet following ‘change’ may surface by 2020: Indeed, it’s a steep & tough hill climb from here!

Acknowledgement: Author acknowledges insights captured by PwC Survey & CISCO Reports cited above.