CEO of the Year

This award is granted to a great determined and motivated leader, with the business acumen, ability to strategize – plan and execute, leadership style, commitment, staff engagement ability, customer orientation. The awardee must also be an inspiration and integral of the company’s sustained growth orientation.

Entrepreneurial Path-breaker

The awardee has an excellent exceptional strength in entrepreneurial skills has been able to contribute constructively and discover new path for various functional domains. Has great sense of Out of the box thinking and ability to discover new vistas.

Exemplary Leadership

The exemplary leadership denotes that the concerned incumbent has contributed in such way that he has sent an example for others to inculcate irrespective of the field which he/she operating.

Visionary Leadership

The award is granted to an individual, with extraordinary leadership, vision and commitment. He/she would have senior leadership role and should have the ability to: create, innovative, enhance organizational effectiveness, nurture organization’s culture norms and work across boundaries.

Intellectual Icon

Someone who is intellectually very sound highly respected and has set the standards of intellect not only in his profession but also in the professional world is well respected and is visualise as a great luminary.

Entrepreneurial Role Model

This represents a category which has set the example in entrepreneurship by dint of his enterprising passion, great vision and with high sense of creativity and innovation.

Outstanding Leadership

The criterion for this leadership is much beyond the general leadership. This leader not only an excellent leader himself but also develops emerging leaders with great learning and capability.

Dynamic & Versatile Leadership

A person with great assertiveness, passion to perform who is highly respected for his/her individual qualities and traits. He/She is vibrant and has overall feel of multifarious management functions.

Leadership in Diversity

Leadership in Diversity is an individual who imbibes in him the qualities of diversifying his knowledge into various areas of functional disciplines. He/She is not confined but has steady progression into diverse fields.

Strategic Leadership

This leader has very sharp intelligence in building strategies for the organization growth and developing potentialities of business and people. He/She brings sincerity of purpose and gives direction towards achievement of goals.

Women Leadership Role Model

The awardee should have played a significant role in organization building. She should have had an excellent career path and displayed excellence in her functional role. Typical functions could include ability to drive business, lead the company towards success and growth.

Women Achiever

This award honors women who have demonstrated excellence, leadership and integrity in their fields and in the community and have achieved something special in short career span and influence to their peers and others.

Company of the Year

The organization should have traits of being progressive and growth oriented, with professional outlook. Organization should have the right vision and continued commitment for progress, even in adverse circumstance and environment.

Organizational Excellence (PSU & PVT)

The awardee organization must be an exceptional company, with track record for excellence. Typical measures include: good cash flows, strong market positions, growth in products or services. The business should be ambitious in its outlook and vision and must be committed to supporting its local or wider community through social engagement projects.

HR/Marketing/Finance – Pride

The awardee should be a professional, who has risen to the top echelons of the organizations from the ranks. The contribution may include: function & general management discipline, facilitation in the improvement of building innovative practices, process, enhancing the company’s productivity & efficiency in their respective disciplines, building an excellent image.

HR/Marketing/Finance – Trendsetter

The awardee must be an exceptionally dynamic professional, having unparalleled initiatives and drive towards establishing innovative HR/Marketing/Finance process and practices.

HR/Marketing/Finance – Role Model

The awardee must be a HR/Marketing/Finance stalwart, who has served the function with sincerity. He/She should have created an image, which could be emulated by other professional and act as an inspiration.

HR/Marketing/Finance – Leadership

The awardee would be a capable person with excellent leadership skills. He/She should be versatile, with high degree of leadership and team work skills. The individual must have contributed significantly in their professional and functional discipline.

HR/Marketing/Finance – Professional of the Year

The awardee must be able to drive high performance in the current financial year. He/She should be self motivated and must have commendable record of successful contribution.

Best Practices in L&D

The awardee must using interactive process to help individuals and teams develop rapidly and produce results. Applying structured approaches to shift teams and organizations from current to state to a desired state. L&D practices designed to address challenges and opportunities related to diversity, inclusion and cultural competence.

Leadership in Employee Relations

The awardee must have exemplary interpersonal & intrapersonal communication qualities and possess the art of building excellent rapport with employees at all levels. The individual should be capable of handling intricate labour management relations and must be able to create harmony, cordiality and amicability.

Institution Builder

In addition to initiating creation of an institution and facilitating its development through determination, the individual must have led the institution to an outstanding reputation with inbuilt systems, and professionalism.

Academic Leadership

The awardee must be a person of great eminence with intrinsic abilities to lead, motivate and inspire others to attain the path to achieve excellence. He/She is great administrator with enormous depth insight and high level of intelligence.

Leadership Thinker

The awardee must have deep insights and ‘out of box’ thinking capacity, who should be involved in creating and nurturing new ideas.

Research in Management

The awardee is a scholarly individual who has a keenness and capability for research in the management domain with a view to recommend innovative thoughts for rejuvenating and energizing the management principles & practices.

Industry Interface

The Institution/individual should have have a vast interaction & networking with the corporate sector creating a right integration and filling the void and gap between the Academia & Industry. Facilitates better understanding and the flow of new thoughts of Industries expectations from Academia. Updating modernizing, altering the curriculum to ensure effective placements and obtaining sharing of knowledge and experiences of the corporate world.

Best Modern Practices

The Institute with tremendous dynamism, professionalism having designed scientific systems of operating in most methodical and meticulous way. It can claim to be technology friendly and keeps up the pace with relevant and new academic practices, procedures & processes.

Visionary Entrepreneurship

This award is granted to entrepreneurs who have created major economic impact through their visionary enterprises.

Exemplary Inspiration

This award is granted to entrepreneurs who are potential inspirations for future generations.

Innovative Business

This award is granted to entrepreneurs who have created innovative products or product services that potentially redefine the business scope.

Young Entrepreneur

The awardee, who is young and has conceptualize, visualize & establish an business with growth orientation & vision.

Leadership in National Building

The awardee should have displayed contribution to nation building. Typical instances could include creation of awareness on social issues, advocacy for rights and upholding of fundamental rights of individuals. Both individuals and organizations are considered for this award.

Best Practices in CSR

This pertain to organization which had mooted systems and build avenues for the growth of CSR activities which tend to be followed by others also. Their practices speak of excellence in promoting good social initiatives which will fetch long term benefits to the society at large.

Exemplary Societal Engagement

The awardee should have engaged society in mass-scale for addressing a socially pertinent issue. Both individuals and organizations are considered for this award.

Exemplary Service to Society

The awardee should have implemented projects involving uprooting/controlling social menaces that plague out society. Both individuals and organizations are considered for this award.