Do I Know – I am “gifted” by Sanjay Verma, Group President HR, Uniparts India

Who in this world would not have an urge to succeed? Who in this world have not tasted the set back?

Success or failure is man created – just a frame of reference which one creates with conservatism. When we focus on self, we realize that the success is not only talent and skills. It is the result of our attitude and our attitude is our own choice. How come one person moves forward with one success after another, and yet some are still getting ready? The uncommon man seeks opportunity, whereas the common man seeks security. We need to keep our minds on what we can and not on what we can’t.

When you stop playing other people’s game and stop competing on other’s terms, something incredible happens. You move from being left in the dust to being the only one in the front. When you make a conscious choice to be your own best, you move away from the path of dead- ends to an infinite path that’s created on your own beliefs and inner desire – and perhaps your own niche.

Is trailblazing and creating your own niche easy? No, not by any means. It’s one of the challenging endeavors you can embark on in your life. It’s also one of the most enjoyable and most fulfilling journeys. Simply enjoy what you do and create your own canvass – no one can paint the sky – It is your little creative area which you can put color of your choice and live through ages.

The future of technological and human excellence would simply look at each gifted individual who created their own painting with innovation, learning, passion and genuine failures in journey of life. You can remember them or be remembered of your creative gift, pick your own choice.

Mr. Sanjay Verma

Group Chief People Officer & Global HR Head

Uniparts Group

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