People Engagement, Bring the Heart at work – Rajan Dutta

In today’s business environment where there are numerous challenges and cut-throat competition, what differentiates one Organization from the other is its ‘Superior Performance’. For an organization to achieve sustained superior performing team is a prerequisite. High efficiency and effectiveness of the team members is important for the organization’s growth and development. Employees are core partners in the success sharing and superior performance of individuals provides a win-win situation for both the employees and the Organization. It leads to the Organization’s growth and success and in turn, the Organization always has the pleasure of rewarding its employees by means of performance bonus, special incentives, profit sharing, etc. Superior performance is a state of achieving more than desired/expected. It is important to understand that success is not one-time event but it has to be a continuous process and needs to be sustained. The true assessment of superior performance is its continuity and growth. It should become predictable and repetitive overtime with higher targets, year after year. As considering the current economic challenges, it is time for us to understand the Organization’s goals for the year and cascade and build them in our individual goals. This is the time for us to understand expectations and set stretch targets for ourselves to be able to deliver superior performance. For ensuring superior performance, it is important to have:

  • The rights targets, expectations setting and work clarity – as the foundation for achieving and measuring performance. Every individual’s and team’s targets should be aligned with the Organization’s objectives and be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. They should be in line with each individual’s strengths and role played and should make effective use of his/her potential. It is important that each team members brings in customer sensitivity, quality, innovation and passion to deliver beyond expectations and set new benchmarks.
  • Conducive working environment, shall provide opportunities to perform to your maximum potential and grow with the Organization. Your Manager and the senior Management team members are committed to creating the best work environment. However, we all need to provide feedback and play our part effectively in contributing towards making our company a great place to work. The important thing is to bring in the requisite change, vitality, passion and the innovation for operational excellence.
  • A Strong management/leadership team- We have a great leadership team that provides the right direction and guidance to the various teams. All team leaders, however, need to distinguish between different levels of performance in order to reward and motivate better performers and provide the right encouragement to the others to improve the right encouragement to the others to improve their performance. It is important for all the Management team members to provide an honest feedback, hand holding support, guidance/performance counseling for development and growth of the individuals.
  • Capability assessment systems- Each individual has some strengths and weaknesses. It is important for us to assess and identify the potential and the development areas during the performance appraisal by astute observations and constructive feedback, and by using structures exercises for assessment. Manager’s act as guides, but the responsibility of growth and career advancement rests with each individual. Each employee needs to take charge of one’s development and seek the requisite guidance and resource support to excel in current and future roles.
  • Right inputs and Resources, After the identification of strengths and development needs, it is important to provide right inputs to leverage the strengths and bridge the gaps. For example, coaching and feedback sharing is a very powerful tool to address some of the issues. Training and other developmental inputs going along way in the maximum utilizations of an individual’s potential by instilling basic skills and imparting the required knowledge to drive them to superior performance.
  • Creative reward and recognition – The Organizations need to continuously set up rewards recognition program, which will be open, transparent, and easy to understand and administered timely. However, Team members need to create the positive competiveness to deliver higher / superior performance to achieve and justify these rewards.

Some of the above initiatives will facilitate in creating a “Happy People Organization”? To drive superior performance, it’s important to create the excitement in workplace through events & activities involving employees & families, recharging their emotions to exhibit a sense of caring and bonding. Building ownership among employees should be the core of HR mission in any organization. It is vital to shape entrepreneurial drive in employees, maximizing energy and resources to align with the organization goals, balancing personal goals with that of the organization. Employees need to be enabled to identify themselves as one with cause and mission of the organization. Towards this, business has to enable repose faith in the leadership of the organization, build trust, confidence and dedication to the business strategies of the organization. HR has a catalytic role in building a culture of collaboration and participation of employees in decision making and in extending empowerment for fulfill their responsibilities. High levels of employee engagement will facilitate in building higher ownership and performance.